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Sharing seats aims to inspire hope

Sharing Seats is a nonprofit organization that provides sick and underprivileged children and or families event tickets that may otherwise go unused.

Our goal at Sharing Seats is to provide ill or disadvantaged children/families with the unique opportunity to experience the magic and excitement of attending an extraordinary event.

We believe that even the briefest window of time should be utilized to create “forever moments” of happiness. When facing the harsh realities of a life marked by debilitating illness or harsh daily struggles the opportunity of spending a few hours at an event could relieve pain and suffering that a child can draw upon to muster the strength and resolve needed.

The Sharing Seats Team

Yoni Greenstein
President and Founder

Noah Falkenstein

Executive Director

Mike Dube

Chief Development Officer

Nechama Greenstein

Chief Administrative Officer

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Select the “Donate Tickets” icon and follow the instructions or Email your electronic tickets to

Yes, Please contact Sharing Seats at and we will accommodate your request.

Sports, Concerts and Theatre

While we will do our best to find a recipient for your tickets, please give Sharing Seats as much time as possible to find an appropriate recipient.

Sharing Seats has a large network of different foundations that will be accepting tickets.
If you have a specific request we will gladly accommodate you.
We will always inform the donor as where the tickets go.

Sharing Seats will always do our best to use each and every ticket that is donated. However, if the tickets go unused we will inform the donor.

No. If Sharing seats detects that the tickets were re-sold or used by a non approved recipient, Sharing Seats will no longer associate with that specific recipient.

Yes, your donation including event tickets are tax deductible. After the event you will receive a receipt. If you haven’t received your receipt or have any questions please contact

Upon request, you will receive a year-end summary.

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