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Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of Sharing Seats. Sharing Seats relies on the generosity of sponsors of all levels. Your sponsorship goes a long way to allow Sharing Seats the opportunity to help children and families that are experiencing hardships in their lives.

Our Partners

Become A Partner

Our partners help us change the lives of children and their families by allowing them to experience a spectacular event.

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How to become a Sharing Seats Recipient

We look forward to helping as many people fulfill their dream as possible. Please email for information on how you can become a recipient with Sharing Seats.

Donate Tickets

We are here to help make the most of the tickets you have. There are always exciting events happening and ticket holders who cannot attend. You can turn an empty seat into a child's dream. As a ticket holder, you are in a unique position to provide children, not only with a much needed distraction, but also a memorable experience. Your tax deductible donation of two or more tickets to an event such as a Broadway show, a concert, or a sporting event, can help a child muster the strength and resolve needed to overcome hardships. Please email to share your seats.

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You can brighten up someone's life, we can help, contact us today